Friday, June 24, 2016

My Doppelganger

I saw my
Wearing a white
chiffon sari
A hint of
pink gloss
on her lips
Her long nails
polished in pink
She was humming
and walking barefoot
on the sea beach

I watched her in silence
holding my breathe
She sat on a rock
Her feet dipped
in the water
Her Gothic eyes
sipping on the sunset
Wind tangling with
her open hair
She sitting with
open palms
crossed over each other
As if trying to
absorb the moisture
of air in her bare hands
She sat there motionless
but glittered with life

Soon it was dark
and I had to return home
I left her alone
unconfined in her solitude
Her aroma still
mingled in my breathe
Her image still
muddling my heart

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Main Ghar Hoti Hun

कभी दरो-दीवार सा
होती हूँ
कभी झरोखे सा
तो कभी खिड़की 
कभी बारिश में
भींगा आंगन होती हूं
कभी धूप में तपती
छत भी
कभी चौखट सी
कभी दीवट सी
मैं आंगन का
तुलसी चौरा भी
कभी रसोई सी
कभी बैठक सी
कभी कमरा
तो कभी कोना भी
मैं औरत हूँ
मैं घर होती हूँ